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    I am attempting to migrate an ESXi server from 6.5U3 to 6.7U3 and I provided with an upgrade option, but not the preserve datastore option.  I see two options:




    I am uncertain if the upgrade option will preserve the VMFS5 datastore.


    bootbank and altbook contain the same files


    Anyone ever run into this before?

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    Taken from the vSphere 6.7 Upgrade Guide:


    “Upgrade or install ESXi if the installer finds an existing ESXi installation and VMFS datastore.


    If an existing VMFS datastore cannot be preserved, you can choose only to install ESXi and overwrite the existing VMFS datastore, or to cancel the installation. If you choose to overwrite the existing VMFS datastore, back up the datastore first.”


    In other words, the fact you see an upgrade option is a good thing.

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    Update: I installed Iimdisk toolkit, which appears to be free, and then i could right click the virtual disk file and mount it super easy with no fuss. Haven't tried yet to modify files but it looks like it is working. It looks like there's quite a few tools you can find online to mount VMDK files, that all work infinitely better than the VMWare Diskmount Utility (which appears to no longer be working, and no longer being updated). So in case I never come back to this post ever again, just assume that it's because imdisk toolkit worked for me.

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    I think this situation will happen when you try to upgrade from windows-based vCenter to the appliance-based.

    Please look at the following link. It's exactly same as your problem, and the solution seems to be reliable:


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    This is way too convoluted guys. Heres what you do. You install with mbr option... During the 5 second boot screen you press whatever key it is to get to a command prompt. press space and type in "formatwithmbr" without the quotes and press enter. You may not be able to get it to boot on your computer. You can use refind or refit. or pull the drive and do the install on a PC and put it back into your mac. It will install and boot fine. If there is more than one operating system installed it will likely boot to the other os. If it's the only OS it will take awhile to load as well. There are ways you can boot to a Mac OS X Install disk and set your default boot drive. It will make it boot faster..

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  • 12/04/19--18:27: Add Action/Link/Button
  • Hi  _vladi_,laurentsd, Denis_Chorbadzhiyski, Daryll, Kris


    Is there any option to add the Action/Link/Button as specified in the screenshot?

    In this space, once we click on Action/Link/Button display the modal dialog and add the system.

    And the added system should be displayed under the list in More object.


    As this workflow seems to proper for our plugin.

    Can you please suggest?


    vSphere - Host.png



    Sujeet Kalaskar

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  • 12/04/19--19:20: Buenas Practica en VMWARE
  • Hola, podrian confirmarme si es una buena practica reservar un 20% de holgura en los host, y si tiene algun documento que lo sustente?

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      Have you ever encountered such an event:

      VMware virtual machine modified CPU core configuration and the network was not working;

      (the test is as follows: 2*2 configuration, the network is normal;2*2 is modified to 2*4, the network is not working;2*2 is changed to 4*2, the network is normal)


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    Well, never heard anything back, but it did get resolved, so... thanks?

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    Hi JHTCTL,


    Sorry for the delay. We have fixed from our back end.

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    you can configure in Horizon admin - Pool setting.

    it can support horizon client 4.4 and later.

    So version 4.9 also works.


    check this documents.


    Restart Desktops and Reset Virtual Machines

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    The address is not passed to EBS. You will need to look it up yourself.


    You can grab it from the virtual machine properties on the vCAC entity; the property is called "__datacollected_ipaddress".


    Alternatively you can look up the instance in AWS using the plug-in in vRO and get the IP Address from that.

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  • 12/04/19--21:19: Re: Shrinking APFS?
  • This is what I did - essentially going back in the early Linux days :/


    - within the VM create a "zero" file in your home folder:

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/Users/alessandro/zero.bin bs=1m


    - after the dd completed (you receive a warning that disk is running out of space), delete the zero.bin file

    rm /Users/alessandro/zero.bin


    - shut down the VM and shrink the VMDK:

    /Applications/VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/Library/vmware-vdiskmanager -k <VMDK_DISK>

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    Change your query to:

    var filter = "not(VirtualMachineProperties/any(p: p/PropertyName eq '" + propertyName + "')) and IsManaged eq true";

    That will give you all the entities that are managed by this vRA and which do not contain a property with that name. You can then get all the names with:

    const names = machines.map(function(machine) {     return machine.getProperty("VirtualMachineName"); });

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    Issue APD timeout issue in ESXi 6.7.0


    Our setup:-


    This is pre-prod setup with 4 ESXi servers backed by Windows ISCSI storage.

    ISCSi data store  size is 10 TB( presented from Windows physical ISCSI server) and the same is presented to all the 4 ESXi servers.


    When Im try to do storage vmotion of any big size VM from local datastore(600 GB VM) to ISCSI data store,it gets interrupted in the middle(I mean after 60 % of storage vmotion,esxi servers one by one one goes to not responding state because of APD situation),To solve this issue,we should take one by one ESXi reboot and happens frequently whenever we do storage vmotion.


    See the logs below:-


    2019-12-03T21:36:32.018Z: [APDCorrelator] 608631351756us: [vob.storage.apd.timeout] Device or filesystem with identifier [naa.604b53240003606301d5aa1ee87489b0] has entered the All Paths Down Timeout state after being in the All Paths Down state for 140 seconds. I/Os will now be fast failed. 2019-12-03T21:36:32.018Z: [APDCorrelator] 608633935712us:



    [esx.problem.storage.apd.timeout] Device or filesystem with identifier [naa.604b53240003606301d5aa1ee87489b0] has entered the All Paths Down Timeout state after being in the All Paths Down state for 140 seconds. I/Os will now be fast failed. 2019-12-03T21:36:47.993Z: [iscsiCorrelator] 608647326769us: [vob.iscsi.target.async.event]

    The target iqn.1991-05.com.microsoft:-mts-iscsi-win-lun3-target issued an async event for vmhba64 @ vmk1 with reason code 0000


    To solve this issue,


    1) We have increased the value of APD timeout to 300 seconds instead of 140 seconds (on all the ESXi hosts) Change Timeout Limits for Storage APD

    2) We have disabled the "Delayed ACK" on all the 4 ESXi hosts    VMware Knowledge Base


    After this above 2 parameters change,now it is stable for the last 12 hours and storage vmotion got completed without any issues.


    Any other recommendations(with respect to APD time out value) is there from ESXi/ISCSI end ? please suggest.



    Manivel R

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    Just because I saw you configured the iSCSI as the storage, do not forget if you enable software iSCSI multipathing, you must consider to create 2 separate VMkernel port groups and connect one uplink to each of them. Also, you should bind each VMkernel network adapter to the software iSCSI adapter.

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    Did you check the guest OS event logs or even vmware.log files in the VM related directory?

    What's going on exactly to the network transmission? what's the result of ping execution?

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    Hello, everyone.


    I've gotten some question from the customer as below.

    They are planning to purchase 600 users as horizon STD CCU license, but they want to apply horizon app volumes to 100 employees.

    Could they use different qty of CCU regard in horizon standard CCU and standalone SKU of app volumes CCU?


    They must use same connection server and AD regardless standard user and app volume user.


    Thanks in advance for your support.

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    This error is caused by an un-resolvable HMS IP address. To work around this issue, after logging into the VR VAMI and receiving this error, SSH into the VR appliance and add the vSphere Replication IP address and FQDN to the /etc/hosts file on the appliance. After saving your changes, return to the VAMI and enter the username and password combo for your SSO administrator and then click "Save and Restart Service" under ACTIONS. Cheers.

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    We have an Office 2019 VL package which works perfectly on Desktops. As I checked a KB from VMware it showing the Office 2019 is not supported for app stacks.


    KB : VMware Knowledge Base


    Please find the configuration XML file of Office 2019.



      <Add OfficeClientEdition="64" Channel="PerpetualVL2019" ForceUpgrade="FALSE">


          <Language ID="en-us" />

          <ExcludeApp ID="Access" />

          <ExcludeApp ID="Excel" />

          <ExcludeApp ID="Groove" />

          <ExcludeApp ID="Lync" />

          <ExcludeApp ID="OneDrive" />

          <ExcludeApp ID="OneNote" />

          <ExcludeApp ID="PowerPoint" />

          <ExcludeApp ID="Publisher" />

          <ExcludeApp ID="Teams" />

          <ExcludeApp ID="Word" />



      <Property Name="SharedComputerLicensing" Value="0" />

      <Property Name="PinIconsToTaskbar" Value="FALSE" />

      <Property Name="SCLCacheOverride" Value="0" />

      <Property Name="AUTOACTIVATE" Value="1" />

      <Property Name="FORCEAPPSHUTDOWN" Value="FALSE" />

      <Property Name="DeviceBasedLicensing" Value="0" />

      <Display Level="Full" AcceptEULA="TRUE" />





    Can anyone please advise if this 2019 works on app volume , if yes how to create the package.


    Thanks in Advance,



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    This error is started with my servers as well the moment I upgraded Bios for M910


    The caveat :


    1. Dell support is not respoding to it.

    2. This same server works fine if I install Windows Server.

    3. But it reboots within installation of ESXi 6.0

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    The solution is to use the regular powercli and the vmware.hv.helper module or the api's. The powershell snapin that comes with the connection servers has been deprecated for years.

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    エクスポートアイコン(エクスポート アイコン)をクリック→ファイルタイプを選択







    あとどのくらい仮想マシンを載せられるか(リソースの残量を知る)〜 VMware vCenter Operations Manager活用法(第1回) - Japan Cloud Infrastructure Blog - VMware Bl…





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    how do you do that, can u pls explain more on this.

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  • 12/04/19--22:57: Re: rsync on ESXi 6.5
  • Thank you very much for the binary. Actually compiled in 32bit, bur works on my esxi 6.7.

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    Trying to deloy an OVA downloading from Azure Migration Wizard, getting

    Failed to deploy OVF package.


    A general system error occurred:

    Transfer failed: IO error during transfer : java.net.SocketTimeoutException.

    Using DNS NAME, root cert installed.

    VSphere client 6.7

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    Moderator: Moved to vSphere Storage

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  • 12/04/19--23:21: Re: vSAN NIC Teaming
  • Moderator: Moved to vSAN

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    Hi VMware world,


    We would like to build a query for :


    - ActiveDirectory.search


    the idea is to extract only organizationalUnits with in them distinguishedName "OU=SRV".


    Ok We have try this :


    parentOU = "SRV";

    organizationUnitList = ActiveDirectory.search("OrganizationalUnit",parentOU,adHost);

    It works, but all children of "SRV" are missing ...... and now we don't arrive to build a correct QUERY to filter organizationalUnits with in them distinguishedName "OU=SRV".


    This doesn't work :

    searchStr = "SRV"

    query = "xpath:distinguishedName contains \'" + searchStr + "\'";

    organizationUnitList = ActiveDirectory.search("OrganizationalUnit",query,adHost);

    If you have an idea to build this query !


    Thx for your help.

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    Hi All,


    I am having an issue which some of output columns below from GetVM are empty.

    Empty columns:Guest, VMHost, ResourcePoolId, ResourcePool

    VMs in Questions: Not all the VMs but some of VMs (Win2016/2012R2, CentOS) with the latest VMwareTool installed


    Does anyone give me an advice on why there are missing?


    vSphere/vCSA 6.7U2

    PowerCLI 6.5 Release1 build 4624819

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    Thank you for your reply.

    Network ping, show network timeout;

    No obvious alarm or error message is recognized in vmware.log;

    Do you have any similar cases?

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    Hi Amin.

    Im using iscsi software storage adapter.

    Before that I created one vmware vmkernel adapter and tagged with iscsi storage adapter.

    My uplink is just one nic.


    Thank you,

    Manivel R

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  • 12/04/19--23:47: Re: ESXi Autodeploy from PXE
  • Thanks to all! My mistake - i I didn't copy all the files into the TFTP directory I downloaded from the vCenter server. Its work now. Now I'll be tuning Host Profiles.

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    Hi LucD,


    Thanks, the mentioning of Parameter Splatting was very helpful along with the code.

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    Not exactly the same as you did ...

    Please reinstall the VMware tools after changing the CPU. also, what's the type of vNIC? Did you try to change it between VMXNET / E1000 ?

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    Hi mauricioamorim,


    Yes i have found that known issue, i waited one night. it does not solved the problem.

    Actually i found out the self-signed CA was the issue, i forgot to write under this thread.


    Thanks for your answer!

    Kind Regards,


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    Thank you for your reply.

    I have done network card replacement, replacement network card type operation, the result is the same;

    I'll try to reinstall VMtools and test it;

    If the problem is solved after resetting VMtools, I don't know how to explain the correlation between them?

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  • 12/05/19--00:29: Re: Не видит SSD
  • Добрый день!


    Физически диски к какому контроллеру подключены?

    Cобран ли RAID из этих дисков на контроллере?

    В iLO сервера диски отображаются?

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    I was able to download it by creating a new VMware account.

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  • 12/05/19--00:35: Re: NSX Certification
  • Hi FGM11613,


    Regarding your question, i found a Q&A section at the vmware certification portal:

    Do i have to take the exam within a certain time period after taking the qualifying course?

    No. There is no set time frame for taking the exam after attending the class, however, be sure to take the exam before it has been retired.


    I think you don't have to re-attend to any class. But this is my personal opinion, not an official one.

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      It can have much abnormal reasons and you should test every factor about the guest OS and VM hardware... But I think we you encounter with this issue, you should at least one log in the windows event viewer related to this problem

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  • 12/05/19--00:44: Appending Datastore Name
  • Hello, appending a single datastore works fine, but, appending a list from CSV didn't work fine with me. I used this example:


    Get-Content ".\rename-ds.csv" | ConvertFrom-Csv -header nfsname  | %{get-datastore $_.nfsname }  | Set-Datas

    tore -Name $nfsname"-DONTUSE"

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    I don't have the same 4k monitor, I work with a monitor resolution set to 3200x1800, it works.

    Could you try to disable Use full resolution for Retina display by:

    settings->display-uncheck the option

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    I'm confused.

    That seems to contradict the current observations of 2889 events with Windows Integrated Authentication which don't appear with LDAPS.

    2889 events being Microsoft's way to identify clients that try to make an unsigned LDAP bind.

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    Hi Nick_Dunn85,


    Do you have any extra network settings e.g. firewall, anti-virus app...etc, does the internet work fine in VM?




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  • 12/05/19--00:56: Can't see LAN shared folder
  • Hi everyone,

    I just install a new virtual machine (windows server 2019 standard) inside VMware ESXI 6.7

    Everything works good but I have a problem


    my windows server 2019 can't see shared folder of the other LAN PC...I can ping the ipadress and the hostname but can't access to the shared folder.
    The opposite situation is ok...by my PC I can see the shared folder in windows server, How can i solve?

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  • 12/05/19--00:56: Re: Appending Datastore Name
  • Try something like this


    Import-Csv-Path '.\rename-ds.csv'-UseCulture |

    ForEach-Object-Process {

        Get-Datastore-Name $_.nfsname|

        Set-Datastore-Name "$($_.Name)-DONTUSE"-Confirm:$false


    0 0

    Did you find a workaround?


    I am having the same issue. I have checked with Chrome and Mozilla.